Financing and management of your real estate property

To ensure your comfort and serenity Prestige de France manage your property all year long and propose you wide range of services.

You travel a lot, you have several residences, you are one of those people whose time is precious. In your search for highest class service and excellence you are demanding and you have all rights to be.

In response to all your demands and requirements we are eager to share with you our passion for luxury "à la française".

To enjoy fully your presence at French Riviera we offer large variety of property management services to provide you top-of-the-range assistance. In your absence we are always here to maintain, renovate or improve your real estate, provide sufficient security or deal with any administrative tasks.

To guarantee quality service you are expecting and to be able to react rapidly Prestige de France rely on its own developed network of selected time proved contacts. We are perfectly familiar with local community and know the best professionals to provide you necessary equipment, bring to life your most exclusive projects or propose best advices. Every day we grow our network to improve and to "go with the times". To adjust to any budget we always offer a list of different level specialists.

As every our customer is unique - our services are as well always tailor-made.

Every month Prestige de France performs control visits to your property. We tackle with your post, we pay your bills, we make sure everything what requires attention is done well and in time. We hire and manage staff to maintain your property and prepare everything for your arrival.
For your peace of mind we ensure communication with us on a regular basis, you receive reports by e-mail including important documents and inspection photos. You always follow the whole process and being kept informed. Clear and simple invoice is sent to you monthly indicating all the services provided.

To estimate approximate budget for your property management we invite you to get in touch with us so that we can provide free evaluation.

Just a short example of the services we propose :

  • Accounting and Management
  • Tax and social assistance
  • French taxes and charges payment
  • Recruitment and managing of household staff
  • Post and bills monitoring
  • Tenders management
  • Translations
  • Garden and pool maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Technical maintenance
  • Renovation and improvement works
  • Hi-fi, home cinema
  • Any kind of technical support
  • Telephone and Internet
  • Alarm systems and personal security
  • Suppliers search
  • Car, furniture, products purchase

Contact us and we will find a solution even for your most exclusive demands.