The first edition of 'Kids Magazine'


The first edition of the long-awaited "Kids Magazine" !

The magazine is dedicated to all French Riviera children, and is addressed to their parents. On its pages you will find a lot of useful information on the cultural life of your children: leisure, exhibitions, shows, movies, books, video games and much more.

Different entertaining or useful topics will be raised in each issue with the liable addresses and references. The magazine will announce all indoor or outdoor events to propose to your kids.

Of course the magazine will explore all the fashion trends for kids, as well as decorative accessories trends with all news and events: fashion shows, castings and the opening of boutiques in the Cote d'Azur. «Kids Magazine» is free, published in three languages (french, english and russian), with edition once in two months, starting from March 2012.

Read with pleasure and surprise your children !

See online version of magazine : click here